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With over a decade of experience working in the human services field, I help individuals, families, and couples heal from traumatic experiences and become empowered to navigate life’s challenges. The foundation of my clinical expertise has been built from serving diverse populations through nonprofit work at domestic violence women’s shelters, juvenile halls, public schools, and foster youth and family centers.

My therapeutic orientation is person-centered and strengths-based, meaning I partner with clients in identifying their inner wisdom and core strengths to help them make deeper connections with themselves and others. I practice evidence-based treatments grounded in cognitive behavioral and solution-focused theories to help clients achieve their goals. I strive to ensure that clients feel safe and heard, as this is paramount to healing parts of the self that may be broken and moving towards achieving wholeness and inner peace.

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Personal Growth and Transitions 

Do you feel guilty saying no to others, find it hard to slow down, or like you are constantly putting yourself last on your priority list? During times of change and stress, we tend to put our own needs on the back burner. I invite you to invest in your own wellbeing. I will partner with you in identifying your inner wisdom and core strengths to help you make deeper connections with yourself and others.

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Intimate Partner Violence

Having experienced trauma specific to unsafe or violent relationships can impact your emotional state, ability to feel safe in your daily life, and other ongoing relationships. You can count on this being a safe and supportive environment to process traumatic experiences at your own pace, to move through to a healthier space.  

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Grief and Loss

Grief is a topic many people shy away from talking about, and can feel isolating and lonely. I invite you into a safe place to find comfort. Processing loss can be unpredictable and complicated. I am here to walk along side you as you process - not to move on from your grief, but to move on with your grief.  

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Our past experiences impact our present lives, and trauma is not something you need to navigate alone. Trauma focused therapy can help you move through processing the emotions and impact of your past experiences in a safe and self-paced way. 

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Perinatal Health

From infertility journeys, pregnancy loss, birth trauma, navigating postpartum, and adjustment to parenting, I specialize in supporting women with reproduction related needs. As a wife, mother, and IVF veteran myself, I am particularly passionate about supporting women in this stage of life. 

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Depression & 


Experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety can cause significant barriers to enjoying life and living the way you want to. Change is possible! Entering into a therapeutic connection promotes healing and transformational growth. 

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